Marionette wrinkles: causes and remedies (natural, creams and fillers)

Puppet wrinkles: a nice name for a blemish that, however, can be the cause of great discomfort. They mainly affect women: they are those wrinkles that form at the corners of the mouth and chin and which by their position resemble precisely the typical grooves of puppets, from which they take their name.

In medical parlance they are known as naso-labial wrinkles, but care should be taken not to confuse them with the lip bar code, another type of vertical wrinkles that form in the space between the nose and upper lip.

What causes them and, most importantly, are there any remedies for marionette wrinkles That do not require cosmetic surgery? In this guide we will discuss this and much more, analyzing the causes of the problem and evaluating different possible solutions, including natural ones.

Puppet wrinkles: what they are

Puppet wrinkles fall into the large family of the expression wrinkles, that is, those wrinkles that are also (but not only) caused by the natural contractions of the face.

In fact, their genesis is very complex, and includes as much genetic factors, how much environmental. In fact, as is somewhat the case with all wrinkles, marionette wrinkles tend to appear with advancing years.

The skin is naturally supported by a layer of skin tissue called the dermis. In the dermis are fibroblasts, cells whose job is to produce elastin, collagen, e hyaluronan.

These substances are essential for the skin to have firmness and elasticity characteristics. Until the age of 40, as a rule, there are no problems: their production is abundant and regular.

Past this age range it decreases more and more, until it reaches insufficient amounts to keep the skin in perfect shape. Genetics also comes into play here, as this process can also be influenced by hereditary factors.

In addition to these two causes, age and genetics, there are others that also depend instead on a person's lifestyle and habits, and can therefore be remedied.

The main causes

Le causes of marionette wrinkles can be traced to two phenomena: cellular aging and, as we have seen, a reduction in the amounts of substances such as elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid.

With these two clues, it is possible to draw a sketch of the phenomena that cause such blemishes. Cellular aging, for example, is mainly due to excessive production of free radicals.

The smoking habit has a very bad impact on skin health precisely because it stimulates the formation of free radicals. Not surprisingly, it is smokers who suffer most from the appearance of wrinkles.

Not only that, cellular aging can also be accelerated by an unfavorable climate (with frequent temperature changes), as well as by the action of ultraviolet rays. Direct exposure to sunlight, in fact, causes what is called photoaging.

It is also pollutants in the atmosphere that ruin the skin by settling on its most superficial layers. That is why it is important to maintain a good routine of facial care, so as to rid the epidermis of particulate matter, smog and make-up residue.

Nutrition plays a crucial role. Skin cannot stay young if it is not well hydrated. Therefore, foods rich in water (such as fruits and vegetables) should be consumed, as well as nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E, which are able to stimulate collagen production and smooth the skin while acting as antioxidants.

Creams and fillers to counteract marionette wrinkles

Having understood the underlying causes of marionette wrinkles, we can quite easily choose the most effective solutions for this blemish.

Our goal is to find natural products that can do three things: moisturize the skin; smooth it with a plumping effect that can smooth out furrows; and improve its texture and overall appearance.

There are three products that do exactly what we need: the Aeolian Night Face Cream, the Sicilian Venus Serum and the Panarea Awakening Anti-Wrinkle Cream.

Let's go step by step. This beauty routine, which works as a true restructuring shock treatment capable of bringing the first results after just a few applications, starts right with the Aeolian Night Face Cream.

Rich in hyaluronan, this cream allows the skin to be thoroughly moisturized and nourished. It is the best way to take on someHyaluronic acid for marionette wrinkles, because it does not require any kind of injection (as is the case with traditional filler).The lotion should be applied in the evening, after cleansing the face, with a short massage until it is completely absorbed.

The next morning the routine continues the Sicilian Venus Serum, a real Botox substitute with a marked filler effect. It looks like a natural gel in which Collagen and Elastin are contained in high concentration. They allow the skin to regain elasticity and relax, also thanks to the contribution of theArgirelox.

Venus Sicilian serum: intensive filler effect lifting face serum

The serum also contains extracts of Sicilian Ginger and Turmeric, which are two natural brighteners and antioxidants.

To conclude the treatment, all you need to do is apply to the affected area the Panarea Awakening Anti-Wrinkle Cream. It has a unique formula called BlueRevelation 50+™ Seaweed. It is a mix of specially chosen marine MicroAlgae that can improve the skin texture, making it appear younger and fresher from the start.

Natural remedies against marionette wrinkles

Let's see now how to eliminate marionette wrinkles with natural remedies, without resorting to any kind of product, but simply adopting good habits that help counteract the phenomenon.

The first prevention starts at the table. L'power supply plays a crucial role in combating skin blemishes, the main cause of which is the dehydration. It is therefore necessary to take enough water each day to keep the tissues hydrated: experts recommend at least two liters a day, but in some cases (and at some times of the year) even more may be needed.

Water is introduced into our bodies not only by drinking, but also by incorporating foods into the diet that contain significant amounts of it. Fruit e vegetable are excellent in this respect: in some cases water accounts for more than 70% of their weight.

They also almost always contain nutrients that are useful for skin health: vitamins (C, D and E), but also minerals e carotenoids. One in particular, Lycopene, is contained in tomatoes and carrots and is perfect for protecting the skin from the action of sunlight.

For this purpose, it is also always recommended to use a custard, not only in summer, but throughout the year. Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays causes premature skin aging not only in the summer season, but also in the colder months.

It is also the cold to weaken the skin and make it more prone to furrows and cracks. It is good to protect it from the cold and the intense wind, but also avoid large temperature changes, which often happens when moving from an indoor to an outdoor environment.

Finally, to eliminate marionette wrinkles, it is good to give up vices such as the smoke and the habitual consumption of alcohol. Both of these habits, in fact, have been linked to an increase in the formation of wrinkles.

Puppet wrinkles and facial gymnastics

The effectiveness of the Facial gymnastics for marionette wrinkles: The affected area of the face, in fact, is among those that are most strained by facial contractions.

Every time we smile, get angry or speak, in fact, the movements of our lips cause the skin around them to contract and relax-this happens every day, thousands of times a day.

The facial gymnastics exercises help retain the elasticity necessary to ensure that these contractions do not leave permanent marks on the skin.

One of the simplest and most effective exercises is the kiss. That's right, the same gesture we make to kiss those close to our hearts has an extremely positive effect on skin tone.

It is recommended to do a series of 10 kisses two three times a day, holding the position for about 5 seconds each time.

Another equally simple and effective exercise is to massage the corners of the mouth with your fingers for about ten seconds, making slow but firm circular movements. This can also be repeated two to three times a day to maximize its effectiveness.

Other treatments

The most widely used treatment is undoubtedly the filler for marionette wrinkles. It is a solution with immediate results, good durability, safe and reversible.

Contrary to what many people believe, filler is not a cosmetic surgery treatment and is much less invasive than classic Botox. It consists of. hyaluronic acid injections, a substance that the body already normally produces and which is diminished with age.

This characteristic allows it to be naturally reabsorbed over time, and thus leave no permanent or irreversible problems. For marionette wrinkles, a slow-absorbing filler is generally used so that the results are prolonged for as long as possible.

There are no exact times for the resorption of hyaluronic acid. On average, in the area we are interested in (lip contour and chin), results persist for up to one year. This makes it necessary after 12 months to undergo an injection session again.

It is a safe and painless process, thanks to the application of an anesthetic cream. The results are immediate: the furrows are filled with a hyaluronic acid filler, allowing the skin to relax and immediately appear younger and firmer.

The costs are, of course, higher than those of the natural solutions we have discussed in the preceding paragraphs, and they also have the advantage of fighting the problem from the root.


Marionette wrinkles are one of the most common facial blemishes, especially among women, especially after the age of 40.

Fortunately, today we have many more tools than in the past to combat them. It is almost never necessary to resort to surgery, which remains the recommended route only for the most critical situations.

In many other cases, it is sufficient to change some bad habits and incorporate into one's beauty routine some puppet wrinkle creams, preferably natural, that can restore the skin to perfect shape by supplementing substances such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

Frequently asked questions about marionette wrinkles

How to eliminate marionette wrinkles?

There is no single way to eliminate marionette wrinkles. It is also important to act on the causes of the problem by changing one's lifestyle and habits. It helps a lot to use natural products (creams and serums) that, with their action, reduce the size of the furrows and hinder the formation of new ones in a totally safe way. In some cases it is possible to use fillers or actual surgery.

How much does it cost to remove marionette wrinkles?

Costs for marionette wrinkle removal vary depending on the type of treatment chosen. Opting for natural remedies such as facial products can provide excellent results in a fairly short time and with minimal expense. Other treatments, such as fillers, provide immediate (though less long-lasting) results, but at a significantly higher financial outlay.

How to remove wrinkles with facial gymnastics?

Facial gymnastics allows wrinkles to be removed through exercises that contract and relax the vaults, allowing the skin to remain toned and elastic. One of these is known as the "kiss," precisely because it simulates the action of kissing.

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