Flabby skin belly: remedies, creams and beauty treatments

When you look in the mirror, you often see some aesthetic flaws that lower your'self-esteem And that they do not allow you to like yourself. La belly with flabby skin Is, without a doubt, one of them.

Don't worry, though. We will give you a series of remedies for flabby belly. There are creams, various suggestions and also beauty treatments To be considered.

No more compromise, no more flabby skin to undermine your confidence. Our advice will help you regain your perfect shape, overcome the problem, and boost your self-esteem.

The causes of flabby belly

Over the years, the body skin loses its firmness and that elasticity typical of youth. Of course, this is a physiological and natural process, but it is possible to reverse course and give your body back that shape that you always wanted, that you had when you were young, or that you want to regain.

To do so, it is necessary to understand what are the possible causes of flabby belly. Yes, because in addition to the natural loss of firmness that occurs with advancing age there are also other causes that lead to flabby belly skin.

La flaccid abdominal skin is, therefore, the result of a number of factors that can affect its natural elasticity. Among the main causes, as we have said, we find theaging. Our skin undergoes some physiological transformations leading to a loss of tone.

Underlying this process is a decrease in elastin and collagen production, two proteins that are essential for keeping the skin elastic. It also drops the ability of the skin to retain water and a skin underhydrated Is also less toned.

Another very common cause of the abdominal skin sagging is the pregnancy. If you have had at least one child, you know this. During the nine months of gestation, the skin tissue of the abdomen tends to stretch, adapting to the growth of the fetus in the womb. This weakens the structure of the skin, which is subjected to considerable mechanical stress prolonged.

During pregnancy, the remarkable weight gain further stresses the skin layers, pushing them beyond their limits and causing loss of elasticity.

What happens is that the skin is pulled beyond what it is capable of, and this can lead to sagging and flaccidity of the abdomen. This process occurs not only in pregnancy, but also in situations of Overweight and obesity.

When you gain weight you gradually go to form a excessive accumulation of adipose tissue in the abdomen, and this can also affect normal skin elasticity.

Also consider that this pad of fat that is created in the abdominal area does not allow the skin to maintain firmness, so it relaxes and sags.

Another circumstance to consider is the rapid weight loss. When we lose weight suddenly, our skin does not have time to adapt to the new body weight, creating folds That can be extremely unsightly.

This is particularly a problem if you have previously accumulated a significant amount of fatty tissue in your abdomen. When it is eliminated, the skin that covered it may not be able to contract properly, contributing to sagging and flabby skin.

Flabby belly after losing weight

A flabby belly after substantial weight loss is a very common problem, but it is undoubtedly worrying. If you have lost several kilograms, looking in the mirror you may notice a loss of tone that results in that fòaccid appearance that is sure to worry you and make you lose self-confidence.

This phenomenon can be attributed to various physiological factors involving the skin and underlying tissues during weight loss, especially if this occurs rapidly and consistently.

If a person loses weight quickly, the skin does not have time to adapt to the new body size. Although this has its own natural elasticity, at the time when the slimming process is too fast it may fail to contract effectively.

You must also keep in mind that the situation can be affected by the amount of adipose tissue previously accumulated.

If there was a significant amount of fat in the abdomen before weight loss, the skin may be more likely to become flabby once the fat is lost.

In this case you should first study, with a professional, a slimming plan That it is progressive and not too fast. In addition, you should also give importance to theexercise.

A targeted training program can help to strengthen the abdominal muscles e improve skin tone. Exercises that involve the abdominals can therefore help firm the belly area.

Another piece of advice is to follow a balanced diet, rich in nutrients such as protein, vitamins and minerals. can support skin health. Protein is particularly important because it contributes to the formation of collagen and elastin, which are essential for theskin elasticity.

Flabby belly after pregnancy

A flabby belly after pregnancy is a common problem for many women. This is because the body undergoes substantial change during the nine months, and what is known as post-pregnancy panniculus adiposus.

Just like after a major weight loss, you end up with a flabby belly that can be a real aesthetic problem.

During pregnancy, theuterus grows to accommodate the fetus, and this continuous expansion, which is followed by contraction, puts stress on the abdominal skin, causing skin sagging.

You also need to consider the hormonal changes which are typical of pregnancy and affect the creation of elastin and collagen.

Remedies for flabby belly skin

I Remedies for flabby belly skin can vary depending on the specific causes but also on the severity of the problem. As mentioned earlier, thetargeted physical activity goes to strengthen the underlying abdominal muscles and improve skin tone.

Resistance exercises and abdominal exercises, such as oblique crunches and weight-bearing exercises, can be especially effective if your goal is to tone the skin in the area.

Keeping the skin well moisturized is essential. The use of moisturizers, natural oils or even skin-specific lotions constributes to improve skin elasticity.

In this case, the use of Volcanic MudGel by Panarea Water is the best solution to treat the area. It is a multifunctional product that also works well on the thighs, buttocks and arms.

Anti-Cellulite Volcanic MudGel

This product has a'Anti-cellulite, firming and reducing action and that is why it is extremely suitable for the area in question.

Inside you will be able to find thermal water, prickly pear blade oil, thermal mud e seaweed. Alongside these assets you will also find coleus extract, caffeine e carnitine, menthol e centella asiatica.

By using Volcanic FangoGel, you can reduce and firm the area, counteracting that flabby tummy effect that you so struggle with.

Since this is a easily absorbed product, it is easy to apply and is very practical. Specifically, you can use FangoGel very easily.

You will simply spread it evenly over the affected areas and perform some gentle massages from bottom to top, applying gentle pressure until fully absorbed.

For best results, we recommend that you carry out a small circular massage clockwise. This movement will help promote fluid drainage.

You can alternate between these two types of massage so as to maximize the results. If used consistently, this product can give you tangible results.

We also advise you to think about thecollagen supplementation. Many women use some collagen supplements To achieve more results in less time. These improve the skin health although we recommend that you ask your primary care physician first.

Another piece of advice that is always valid is to avoid smoking and the bad eating habits, which can damage your skin. Likewise, pay attention to thesun exposure and to the UV damage. In this case we recommend that you read our guide on the best sunscreens, so as to choose the most suitable product.

Aesthetic treatments for flabby belly

Despite prevention, in some cases flabby skin in the abdominal area still peeps out. For this reason, we are here to point you to some non-invasive solutions That can help you deal with the situation.

Among the aesthetic treatments for flabby belly we suggest the radiofrequency, an innovative technology that utilizes high frequency electromagnetic waves To go to warm the skin tissue.

If this technique is applied to the flabby skin of the abdomen, there is a deep tissue heating which is due precisely to high-frequency electrical waves. This process stimulates the contraction of collagen fibers, generating a superficial lifting effect that counteracts skin flaccidity.

In this case, tissue cells begin to produce new collagen and elastin, so as to reduce flabby skin, improving skin elasticity, tone and texture.

La Radio frequency stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage in the abdominal area, promoting the removal of toxins and excess fluid, and this goes to improve the overall appearance of the skin even more.

If gymnastics and radio frequency are not enough, there is always the option of Eliminate flabby belly with abdominoplasty.

In this case, the excess skin is removed and the remaining part is pulled and sutured over the musculature. This restores to the abdomen a toned appearance.

If necessary you can request, still in the same intervention, a liposuction useful for remove localized accumulations of fat.

We are talking about a drastic situation which, however, can be effective when the belly skin is excessively loose.

Before considering adominoplasty, a qualified plastic surgeon should be consulted to assess the feasibility and potential benefits of the procedure.

Remember that this is a real surgery, which also requires a period of hospitalization and especially rest. This should always be taken into consideration when choosing how to eliminate flabby skin on the belly.

Frequently asked questions about flabby tummy

How to firm relaxed belly?

To firm a sagging belly, follow a targeted exercise routine for the abdominal muscles and incorporate a balanced diet rich in protein and antioxidants. Applying products such as Panarea Water's Volcanic FangoGel can help. This gel contains ingredients that promote skin firmness and improve elasticity. Apply the product to affected areas and massage it in a circular fashion to stimulate circulation and the production of collagen and elastin, helping to improve the appearance of flabby skin. Persistence and consistency are critical for positive results.

How to remove soft belly?

You can get rid of a soft tummy with consistency and the best products for a flabby abdomen. Use Panarea Water FangoGel to reduce and tone the area; focus on abdominal exercises such as crunches, planks and leg raises to strengthen abdominal muscles. Also consider cardiovascular activity helps burn overall body fat. In addition to exercise, try to maintain a steady weight and pay attention to your diet, which should be rich in nutrients and protein in particular. Eat fruits, vegetables and fiber. Reduce your consumption of sugar and saturated fat. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated. These are always good tips.

How to remove flabby skin on the belly?

To remove flabby skin on the belly you need to consider several options. Before you get to plastic surgery, for which we recommend that you consult a good professional, consider a balanced diet and weight loss if necessary. Also place emphasis on hydration, both skin and of the body in general, and exercise. Use the best products to reduce and tone the abdomen, such as FangoGel Vulcanico by Acqua di Panarea.