Illuminating face cream: how to use it and how to choose the best one

If you look in the mirror and notice dull, aging facial skin, it's time to do something about it and think about how to give it tone and radiance again.

La illuminating face cream is the best solution for your skin, but you need to get to know the product closely and learn how to choose the best one for your needs.

We have already created several guides full of tips for choosing the best anti-wrinkle cream, but for perfect skin, an illuminating product is also necessary.

Discover with us How to choose the best face brightening cream and which products are the most valuable among those on the market.

What is a face brightening cream

In your skincare routine should never lack a illuminating face cream. Products of this type are perfect for the women of all ages, because dull, dull skin is not a prerogative of is beyond years.

There are several factors that can erase skin radiance. Certainly smog, stress and poor diet affect this, as do the passing years and physiological aging.

That's why brightening face creams are an essential daily care item, whatever your age. Having a glowing skin also helps to make the results of the make-up, as well as giving a healthier and more rested appearance.

This type of cosmetic is formulated with specific ingredients that help to reflect light, Minimize the appearance of pores e improve texture Of the skin.

In addition, illuminating creams go to work on the dark spots, reducing discolorations and imperfections. In this way they can help even out skin tone (also read our guide on the best anti-stain face cream).

How to use illuminating cream

The use of illuminating cream depends on the type of product you have chosen but also on your personal preferences.

In any case, there are valid suggestions regardless of the texture and ingredients in the product.

Before apply illuminating cream, you have to make sure that your face is clean and hydrated. You can follow your favorite routine, washing your face with your chosen cleansing product and patting your skin after rinsing.

At this point, before using the illuminating product, apply toner and a moisturizing face cream, so as to refine the skin and promote absorption of the treatment.

Choose the illuminating cream based on what is your skin type and based on the specific needs Of the same.

As we often tell you there are products formulated to dry skins, others for oily or combination skin and others for sensitive skins, which require gentler and more effective products.

What we recommend is that you read the ingredients and instructions on the product label to make sure you are using it correctly.

Turning to theapplication of illuminating cream, we can say that most people prefer to use the fingers. What you will need to do is to take a small amount of product Which is to be distributed all over the face.

You need to focus mainly on the areas where you want more brightness. Apply it with a gentle massage, which will also improve skin microcirculation.

If you want a more professional result, you can Apply the illuminating cream with the brush just as they do in beauty salons. This technique ensures a more precise and uniform application.

At this point you must be wondering. Where to apply face brightening cream. The most common areas are. cheekbones, center of the nose, Cupid's bow. Of course, you can apply the cream wherever you like, depending on the effect you want to achieve.

The benefits of a brightening face cream

L'glow effect of illuminating facial products and treatments is one of those trends that transcends seasons. One of the main benefits of face brightening cream is the ability to give the skin an instantly brighter appearance.

In fact, these products often contain some light-reflecting particles or luminous pigments that instantly go to brighten the skin, giving it a fresh, radiant appearance.

This is not the only benefit, although it is the most visible and immediate. Brightening creams can help to Reduce the appearance of dark spots and discolorations. In this motion, using this type of product you can go to even out the skin, making it more homogeneous.

The formula of the best illuminating creams is often enriched with powerful antioxidants which play a key role in the protection of the skin from damage caused by free radicals.

These antioxidants neutralize the harmful free radicals which can accelerate skin aging and help keep skin young and healthy over time.

Regular use of such products promotes the cell phone renewal and the production of collagen and elastin. This helps you to Improve the structure and elasticity of the skin, so that you look more radiant.

In addition, the ingredients behind these creams can help to Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, improving the texture of the skin.

Similarly, it is possible to find within these formulations of the moisturizing ingredients, which are always liked by the skin regardless of type.

It goes without saying that these are just some of the benefits of this type of cream. This is precisely why it is always worth choosing the best face brightening cream so as to maximize the benefits provided.

How to choose the best face brightening cream or serum

We come, then, to the most important question: how to choose illuminating serum or cream? The exact answer does not exist, because every skin is different and because you may have different needs from other women who use this type of product.

Therefore, always remember to choose a cream or serum that is in line with what your expectations and skin type are.

There are brightening creams for dry skin and who tend to become dehydrated, but also brightening serums for oily skin. In this case you need lighter textured products, but you never have to give up this particular cosmetic product.

If you choose the right cream for your skin type, you can maximize the benefits and prevent irritation. This advice is more valid than ever when it comes to sensitive skin that, therefore, needs extra care.

Check the list of ingredients carefully contained within the product you are going to purchase. What you need to evaluate are the benefits on the skin Of each individual active ingredient found in the face illunìminating cream.

Of course, this advice applies to all cosmetic products and, in particular, those that are part of your daily skincare routine. You should never leave anything to chance, but always prefer high-quality creams and serums.

Among the best products we recommend is. Vulcan Serum by Panarea Water. The serum in question has strong brightening power for the face and neck and is made with the best active ingredients.

In particular, this is presented as a elasticizing brightening serum which can be used on the neck, face and décolleté. Within it are a number of ingredients perfect for theilluminating action You so much seek.

Vulcan serum: brightening serum for cleavage, face and neck

Vulcan serum is a multifunctional product. It contains, in fact, natural ingredients and offers anti-aging benefits, helping to reduce wrinkles through a lifting effect and providing significant hydration.

The synergy of Hyaluronic acids of different molecular weights, conveyed in a gel enriched with Sea salt, sulfur and seaweed, offers a very powerful effect.

In addition, the addition of elastin and collagen contributes to Improve skin tone and firmness. Within the serum we also have thepure volcanic thermal water and a Sicilian orange active water.

We also find dandelion, centella asiatica, horsetail e vitamin C. These ingredients make the product perfect for going to restructure the skin.

To achieve the best results with Vulcan Serum, as well as with any other visa brightening cream, carefully follow what it says on the package about the mode of use.

Always start by applying a small amount of product on clean skin and dry. This helps prepare the skin for optimal absorption of the serum's benefits.

Distribute the product gently, Tapping on the desired areas such as the cheekbones and chin. The technique in question is very useful and allows you not only to apply the product properly, but also to improve blood circulation and promote a improved serum penetration.

It is a small secret, however, that can make a difference in terms of results.

Lightly massage the affected areas until the product is completely absorbed into the skin. Wait a few minutes before finishing your skincare with the other products you usually use after the serum.

Remember that you can also use the serum in question on the décolleté. Again, application should be done carefully, following the directions and always only on clean skin.

Frequently asked questions about face brightening creams

What is the purpose of illuminating cream?

Illuminating cream is used to give radiance to the skin on the face. This type of product contains ingredients that reflect light, helping to create a glowing effect on the skin. If the skin on your face looks dull, tired and dull, it is time to use a specific product such as illuminating cream. This is a product that also has brightening, moisturizing power and acts on fine wrinkles.

What is the best face illuminant?

Although there are several products on the market, the best facial brightener is Volcano Serum by Acqua di Panarea. This serum contains within it a number of ingredients and actives that work on the skin's appearance, radiance and hydration. The natural ingredients brighten the face, giving the skin a healthy, youthful appearance. Inside Volcano Serum you will find different molecular weight hyaluronic acid, sea salt, sulfur and algae. You will also benefit from the action of elastin and collagen that give new firmness to the skin. The product also acts on blemishes and dyschromia, as well as fine lines.

What is the illuminating serum used for?

Illuminating serum is a beauty product designed to improve the appearance of facial skin, giving it a natural glow and a radiant appearance. Its main function is to brighten the skin, making it look fresher and younger. This type of product is formulated with special light-reflecting ingredients that help even out skin tone, reduce the appearance of imperfections and discolorations, and improve skin texture. Many illuminating serum formulas contain moisturizing agents that help keep the skin well hydrated and soft. In addition, they may contain anti-aging ingredients, such as antioxidants and peptides, that help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Brightening serum helps reduce the appearance of dark spots, discolorations and blemishes, helping to even out skin tone.

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