Best anti-spot face cream 2023 (guide and opinions)

La best lightening cream for facial blemishes is a product designed to make the skin color more even, eliminating areas where the skin has a different shade, presenting real spots.

The factors that lead to the appearance of this blemish are many: they range from genetic predisposition to certain bad habits that push the body to produce more melanin, promoting the hyperpigmentation, or darkening of the skin.

In this guide we will find out how to make sure this does not happen by avoiding those behaviors that promote the appearance of stains.

We will also see which products are best suited to solve the problem and how they should be used to make the most of their effectiveness.

What are they and why do spots form on the face

Spots on the face, as already anticipated, are caused by a'excessive melanin production, the pigment that "colors" the skin. The amount of melanin in our skin also depends mainly on genetic factors, which determine the complexion of each of us.

Genetics is also the predisposition that drives some areas of the body to be richer in melanin than others, with the presence of spots characterized by different pigmentation.

Genetics cannot be addressed, but it must be said that this is only one of the causes of facial blemishes. Aging also has a significant impact, although not directly. Many people believe that with advancing years the skin naturally tends to develop these spots, but this is not the case.

Actually what happens after a certain age (usually after the age of 40-50) is that the cells that make up the skin tissue gradually become weaker, no longer able to defend themselves against the ultraviolet rays.

Exposure to the sun's rays, therefore, causes an increase in melanin production in older people that is far greater than in younger people.

The result is that sunlight causes facial spots to appear much more in the elderly than in the young. In both cases, however, it is necessary to protect oneself from ultraviolet rays: young skin certainly has more means to defend itself, but it is still weakened by direct and prolonged exposure to the sun, both in summer and winter.

This is why, regardless of age and gender, everyone should regularly use a sunscreen, to be applied to the areas that remain exposed the longest: the face and colo, of course, but for women also the décolleté.

Women, after all, are generally already more affected by the formation of spots on the face, which can also be caused by hormonal problems.

La pregnancy, for example, causes surges that may be related to an increase in melanin production. The same, as studies have shown, happens in women who use the contraceptive pill.

Even the acne phenomena can promote discolorations in the skin of the face. In fact, pimples and acne, even when they disappear, can leave scars on the face that, as they heal, take on a different coloring than the area where they arise.

Best anti-blemish lightening creams: guide

Our offer to eliminate skin spots and achieve a more even skin color consists of two totally natural and 100% safe products: the Vulcan Serum and theVenus Water.

The Vulcan Serum is a concentrated gel that a'lightening and elasticizing action. It can improve the appearance of scars, including those caused by acne, stretch marks and wrinkles.

Vulcan serum: brightening serum for cleavage, face and neck

It is also able to counteract the action of free radicals and slow down the skin aging process. Not only that, it contains significant amounts of glycolic acid, a substance that has power exfoliant e regenerating. It helps remove dead skin cells and promote the formation of new ones.

Just the glycolic acid makes this serum also perfect for fighting the appearance of acne. It can be applied not only to the face and neck, but also to the décolleté and V-zone of the breasts. Vulcan Serum, in addition to working as a lightening product, is also perfect for reducing the cleavage wrinkles.

Its formula includes high concentrations of Hyaluronic Acid, to hydrate the skin, and Elastin and Collagen, two proteins that make it firmer and more elastic.

However, to reduce dyschromia, a good facial skin care. For this reason, it is essential to use products such as theVenus Water, a'volcanic micellar aquagel With makeup removing, nourishing and soothing action.

Venus water: volcanic micellar micellar anti-aging toning aquagel

It is the perfect product for cleanse e tone skin, even the most sensitive skin. It takes advantage of a delicate mix of ingredients, among which we find Lichen Islandicum, a substance with an extremely soothing and emollient action. However, Venus Water also works as a true antiseptic, thanks to the presence within it of Spirulina Blue.

Its cleansing action allows the skin to be better prepared for any subsequent treatment, whether it is the application of a serum or the best face blemish whitening cream.

perfect for everyday use: it rids the skin of smog and dirt particles that tend to settle on it during the day, is that can be the cause of redness and dermatitis, but also the appearance of acne.

How to choose an anti-spot cream for the face

Many products are available on the market that promise to get rid of this blemish. Choose the best anti-spot cream for face can then become very complex.

It should be pointed out at this point that the best product may vary from person to person, precisely because the underlying causes of the problem and the way it manifests itself change.

In general, however, there are some directions to follow that allow you to make an informed choice and opt for a good quality, effective and, no less important, safe solution.

More specifically, before buying a lightening cream (or a similar product, such as a serum), it is a good idea to check the list of ingredients, the type of skin it is suitable for, and how it works.

List of ingredients

The "ingredient list" of a lightening cream, or more generally of any cosmetic product, has a specific name: it is called INCI, an acronym that stands for "international nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients."

Inside it shows all the ingredients contained in the product, listed according to the amount in which they are present: the first positions are therefore occupied by the ingredients that we find in a higher percentage in the compound. In bold, however, substances that may cause allergies are highlighted.

But what must be present within the best face lightening cream? Ideally, you should opt for a 100% natural product, that is, one that contains only substances of plant origin, obtained from plants, flowers, algae and fruits.

Among the most useful active ingredients to combat this blemish are the Vitamin B3 and licorice root extract, which are characterized by strong lightening power.

Also very useful prove to be the Vitamin C, which can neutralize free radicals and slow down skin aging, and theglycolic acid, which has an exfoliating action. Some phenols, such as theHydroquinone, are widely used in lightening creams because they inhibit melanin production.

Skin type and mode of action.

Not all skin is the same. There are three main types: dry skin, oily skin and combination skin. Creams, especially those that also have a moisturizing action, are especially good for those with dry skin.

On the other hand, those with oily skin, characterized by significant sebum production, may opt for a serum, which tends to be less greasy and more easily absorbed.

Finally, it should not be forgotten that the choice of product also depends on the intensity of the problem and the triggers. In some cases, a simple cream may suffice, while in others a more thorough treatment is needed, involving several steps and more products.

For that matter, how different solutions on the market work to counteract facial blemishes can also vary greatly.

In some cases they have the function of counteracting the production of melanin, thus preventing the formation of this pigment at the basis of skin discolorations. Creams of this type are especially good as a preventive measure.

For removing spots that are already present, on the other hand, an exfoliating product may be more suitable, which can remove dead cells from the surface of the skin, promoting the formation of new cells.

Exfoliating creams also prove to be of great help in reducing the visibility of blemishes and scars caused by acne-related phenomena.

How to apply lightening cream

As is often the case, even with facial blemishes the watchword is. timeliness. In fact, this blemish is all the more difficult to eliminate the more time has passed since its appearance.

A stain can be lightened fairly easily in the months following its formation. "Old" spots, on the other hand, where old means those formed 6-12 months or more ago, are definitely more difficult to get rid of. They require a more aggressive and prolonged treatment based on skin peeling.

For this reason, the lightening cream or serum should be applied as quickly as possible to the affected areas, as soon as you start to notice discolorations. The best results are obtained by starting the treatment already in the first few weeks.

If you do not have particularly sensitive and delicate skin, you can Permanently integrate a product with a lightening effect into one's beauty routine. This is especially good advice for those who are already over the age of 40, and need to have an extra eye on dyschromia, which precisely after this age begin to appear more frequently.

Regardless of age, however, the advice to regularly use a face cream that has a good protection factor against the sun's rays. In fact, in many cases, spots on the face are nothing more than one of the results of photoaging.

How to prevent the formation of spots on the face

In fact, the best way to prevent the formation of spots on the face is precisely to reduce the risk associated with direct exposure to sunlight. It should be avoided, in any case, to remain for prolonged periods of time exposed to the sun's rays, both during hot and cold periods of the year.

As pleasant a feeling as it may be, in fact, it is also a dangerous habit. Sunlight causes what experts call "photoaging." It is a speeding up of the skin's natural aging process caused precisely by the action of UV rays.

Direct exposure to them, in fact, tends to damage the cells that form the skin and stimulate the production of melanin, the pigment that causes darker areas of the face to appear (which generally take on a reddish or brownish color).

best dark circles lightening cream

However, some categories of people are obliged, perhaps because of work, to be exposed to sunlight for many hours a day. In this case, it is even more essential to always use a sunscreen that has a SPF protection factor greater than 30, to be applied not only to the face, but also to the neck and décolleté.

Another tip that you can follow to prevent the appearance of this blemish is to always keep your skin well hydrated. In fact, proper hydration is a prerequisite for having beautiful and healthy skin.

It is no coincidence that the best lightening cream for facial blemishes very often contains significant amounts of Hyaluronic Acid, a substance that serves precisely to improve the hydration of the dermis.

This can be done not only by drinking the amount of water recommended by experts every day (usually 2 liters, but it can vary according to gender, age and weight), but also by incorporating water-rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables, into one's diet. Foods rich in Vitamin B, C, D and E, as well as minerals and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, should also be preferred.


With the best whitening cream for facial blemishes, it is possible to effectively combat facial discolorations, regaining an even and uniform complexion in no time.

That of facial blemishes, after all, is a much felt problem, especially by women and especially after a certain age. Thanks to natural brighteners, it only takes a few weeks to reduce the impact of this blemish and regain self-confidence.

It should not be forgotten, however, that even the best lightening cream for facial blemishes can do little or nothing on its own. It is important to act early, starting treatment as soon as you notice the appearance of spots: the more time passes, in fact, the more difficult they become to get rid of.

It is also essential to prevent blemishes from forming by avoiding those bad habits that promote their appearance and push the body to produce more melanin. The best way to avoid the appearance of dyschromia on the face is, in any case, to avoid direct and prolonged exposure to the sun's rays as much as possible and always use, both in summer and winter, a good face cream that also acts as a sunscreen.

Nothing, in fact, stresses the skin and speeds up its aging process as much as the action of ultraviolet rays. To have a youthful and harmonious face, it is essential to take care to protect it.

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