Best anti-wrinkle cream 2023 (face and body): guide and opinions

La best anti-wrinkle cream allows you to relax and tone the skin from the very first applications. It is a perfect product not only for more mature skin, but can and should also be used at a young age, after the age of 25.

In fact, the process of wrinkle formation starts earlier than we might think. Our body gradually slows down the production of substances such as the collagen and thehyaluronan, which are the basis of the structure that holds up the skin of the face.

The result is that the skin begins to weaken, appearing drier and more fragile and promoting the appearance of furrows. With the best anti wrinkle cream for face, especially if natural, you can keep your skin hydrated and provide it with all the nutrients it needs to retain its firmness and elasticity.

In the next paragraphs we will see how to choose the right cream for your needs, and what good habits to adopt to counter the appearance of wrinkles on the face.

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The best anti-wrinkle creams 2023: tips

To defend the skin against wrinkles, it is recommended to plan a proper beauty routine which, acting on several fronts, allows the skin to be protected from the passage of time and threats from outside.

Our proposal starts from the Panarea Awakening Anti-Wrinkle Cream, a day cream for face and body that takes advantage of the innovative formula BlueRevelation 50+™ Seaweed.

It is nothing more than a mix of Marine MicroAlgae specifically chosen for their ability to make the skin look younger, improving its texture and enhancing aspects such as shine and freshness.

The result is a light natural emulsion that, by harnessing the action of nutrients such as theArgan Oil, the Vitamin E and theHyaluronic Acid, improves the skin both visually and to the touch, deeply nourishing it.

One's anti-wrinkle routine can also not lack a evening cream, to be applied just before going to bed. In this case, we recommend the Aeolian Night Remover Cream.

Aeolian Night: plumping face cream for mature skin

Its formula is based on a unique Volcanic Thermal Water enriched with Amino Acids, Lipoic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid. It is perfect for moisturizing and soothing the skin, eliminating dryness and stiffness that can be caused by both stress and the passage of time.

Aeolian Night also functions as a real lifting treatment, going right away to fill in the furrows on the face and offering results similar to those of botox.

It succeeds because it contains an active ingredient called Argirelox, the action of which is precisely to plump the skin from within and relax it.

This cream should be applied in the evening to the affected areas, massaging until fully absorbed. You can also spread a light veil to be left on overnight to maximize the results.

Finally, for an even faster and more noticeable aesthetic improvement, we recommend adding to your routine the Sicilian Venus Serum.

It is a natural gel enriched with Elastin and Collagen, which are the proteins that allow the skin to be toned and elastic: they are already produced naturally by the body, but after the age of forty this production decreases more and more.

Venus Sicilian serum: intensive filler effect lifting face serum

With Venus Serum, it is possible to replenish them in a totally safe way, achieving a real filler effect With high filling power.

For that matter, again we find Argirelox within the formula, resulting in a product that is extremely effective in smoothing out wrinkles, but also in brightening and purifying the skin thanks to Centella Asiatica and extracts of Sicilian Ginger and Turmeric.

When to start using anti-wrinkle cream

Many people believe that anti-wrinkle creams are products intended for an older audience, but this is not the case at all. In fact, wrinkles, although they generally appear after the age of 40, have a genesis that begins very early, starting at the age of 20-25.

Anti-wrinkle creams are designed not only to reduce the visibility and number of furrows, but also to counteract its occurrence. That is why they should be used even at a young age for preventive purposes.

Numerous studies have shown that even before the age of 30, the skin begins to change its structure, losing its ability to retain fluids and becoming more prone to dehydration.

Using a moisturizer helps to curb this problem, keeping the skin hydrated and delaying the appearance of wrinkles even by many years.

Collagen production also begins to decline much earlier than one might think. While it is true that after the age of 40 the decrease in collagen produced takes an exponential turn, it is also true that as early as the end of the adolescent phase we see the first slowdown.

Of course, it is not enough to cause skin sagging (as it does in more mature skin), but it is still an early sign that one needs to provide one's skin with certain substances that are beginning to fail, without which it cannot maintain its tone and elasticity.

Therefore, anti-wrinkle cream should be used not only when the face is already marked by furrows of various kinds by now, but as early as 25-30 years of age to take advantage of its preventive capabilities Of blemishes and "tightening" the skin.

How to choose the best anti-wrinkle cream

The choice of the best anti wrinkle cream can be anything but simple. There are hundreds, thousands of different products on the market: each of them promises interesting results in a short time, but you have to tread lightly.

Of course, not all creams have the same quality and effectiveness: as is always the case, there are good and not-so-good products. It must be said, then, that in our specific case it is difficult to say. what is the best anti-wrinkle cream also because there is no absolute one, but different solutions suitable for different age groups.

That said, the choice of cream can then be made following two principles: the age it is aimed at and its characteristics.

Choosing a wrinkle cream according to age

It has already been mentioned in the previous paragraphs that anti-wrinkle creams are not products for the elderly, but rather can and should be used even at a young age.

It should come as no surprise, then, that there are lines on the market designed for an audience under 40, that is, under the age of 40. These are creams that mainly have a moisturizing and purifying action.

They aim to keep the skin clean and hydrated, so as to prevent the first seeds that later lead to the appearance of actual wrinkles from starting to sprout.

After 40 years Instead, stronger action begins to be needed, no longer simply preventive, but also able to counteract the first furrows that begin to make their appearance on the face.

This is why creams for 40-year-olds focus heavily on regenerative effects, stimulating the skin to eliminate dead skin cells and produce the substances it needs to stay young and elastic (elastin, collagen, retinol).

La best anti-wrinkle cream over 50 is instead a product designed for those who, although to varying degrees, must now already deal with the signs of aging. Whether they are few or many, deep or superficial, after the age of fifty, furrows are present on virtually every face.

The products in this category are therefore intended to reduce their visibility, offering a filler-lifting effect that also allows them to offer themselves as an alternative to fillers or other surgical treatments. All this, however, without giving up taking care of the skin with an emollient and nourishing action.

Choose an anti-wrinkle cream based on its characteristics

The quality of an anti-aging cream is also given by its characteristics and, therefore, by the ingredients it contains. A small premise: creams with as natural a composition as possible should always be preferred, even better if 100%.

These, in fact, have the same effectiveness as traditional products, but have no undesirable effects. In fact, lotions of a chemical nature may contain substances such as the silicones and the parabens, which cause true allergic reactions in many individuals. Natural creams are also absorbed more quickly and do not alter the skin's protective film, leaving the skin free to breathe.

To realize what a product contains within it, it is necessary to read its INCI: this acronym stands for International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients, and indicates the list of ingredients in a cosmetic product.

It is easy to read: the elements are listed in an order that reflects their presence in percentage within the lotion. In the first positions, therefore, are the ingredients present in larger amounts.

best anti wrinkle cream 2021

What do we want an anti-wrinkle cream to contain? Certainly substances such as the collagen, l'hyaluronan and the retinol. In fact, this triad is at the root of proper hydration and skin tone. There is no face cream that does not contain these elements, designed to protect and rejuvenate the skin.

Also highly valued are those active ingredients that function as stimulants, that is, that prompt the body to produce proteins such as elastin on its own, or as a shield against the action of the sun's rays. Vitamins, especially those of the D and E groups, are also welcome substances in the composition of a skin cream.

How and when to use products to fight wrinkles

The use of anti-wrinkle products is really very simple. Whichever product you choose (cream or serum), you should use it only after cleansing the skin. Before the actual antiwrinkle, good facial cleansing products.

Only after cleansing can the application of the cream take place, which should be applied by massaging the affected area until it is completely absorbed.

There is no specific time to use a wrinkle cream, and the amounts and ways of application can also change from product to product. In general, however, they are creams designed to be used either in the morning, just after waking up (day cream) or in the evening just before going to sleep (night cream).

How to prevent face and body wrinkles

Wrinkles, once they have made their appearance, can be really hard to get rid of. That is why it is necessary from the very beginning to adopt good habits that help prevent wrinkles on the face and body.

Using anti-aging cream as early as age 25-30 is undoubtedly a great remedy, but not the only one. The genesis of wrinkles depends on so many factors that it is possible to intervene on several fronts to make sure that the furrows come as late as possible.

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight

The impact that ultraviolet rays have on our skin is still greatly underestimated. Yet, it is confirmed by all studies in the field, one of the main causes leading to skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles is precisely direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight.

The phenomenon has a specific name: photoaging. The parts of our body that remain uncovered longer even outdoors (face, but in women also neck and décolleté) tend to age more rapidly precisely because of the action of ultraviolet rays.

One should, as far as possible, avoid too much exposure for too long: this applies even in the colder months, and not only in summer. Essential is the daily use of a cream that also acts as a sunscreen, with a factor SPF of at least 50.

Keeping the skin hydrated

Dehydrated skin will tend to furrow and damage itself much more easily. Those who want to counteract the appearance of wrinkles must necessarily pay close attention to skin hydration.

This does not only mean drink plenty of water (which still remains a strongly recommended habit), but also modify one's diet by making sure that within it there are water-rich foods, which are many kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Green light also to the use of moisturizing creams that, thanks to the presence of hyaluronic acid inside them, help maintain proper hydration at all times.

Taking care of the face

Wrinkle prevention also starts with the facial skin care. In fact, this area is particularly exposed to substances that can weaken it and reduce its qualities of firmness and elasticity.

Just think of the dust and smog particles that settle on it every day, which cause allergies and irritation. Women, in particular, should pay special attention to facial cleansing because the make-up products deposit additional irritants on the skin and undermine its natural breathability.

The advice is to use natural products, and to always remove makeup at the end of the day using, perhaps, a good micellar water that cleanses the skin and promotes its cell regeneration. Lotions that take advantage of soothing and emollient active ingredients such as aloe vera also prove very useful.

Doing facial gymnastics

Many people exercise to allow their bodies to regain tone and definition. The same is also true for the skin of the face and neck: facial gymnastics is that set of Exercises that help relax the skin and counteract the onset of wrinkles.

When practiced daily, it enables results that few would believe. No more than a few tens of minutes a day is needed.

With the right exercises, based on contracting and stretching the skin (especially in the periocular area, lips and neck), you are able to reduce the depth of furrows and prevent new ones from forming.

Modifying one's diet

Like other things, wrinkle prevention begins at the dinner table. Nutrition has a fundamental impact on the occurrence of wrinkles and other skin imperfections.

With our diet, we can provide the body with the substances it needs to enable the skin to be in a perfect state of health. Fish and dried fruits, for example, are foods rich in Omega 3 e Omega 6, two fatty acids that reduce skin dryness and promote proper hydration.

Not to mention the vitamins (especially those in groups C, D and E), of the minerals and of the carotenoids contained in a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, which should never be missing from the table.

Instead, the consumption of alcoholic substances, which has been shown to be linked to premature skin aging, should be avoided, just as particularly fatty foods should be consumed as little as possible.


Wrinkles are, arguably, the most common facial blemish. They affect women e men of all ages, but it is especially after the age of 40 that their presence begins to be felt more, and to be a cause of sometimes great discomfort.

Fortunately, today we have many more remedies available to us than in the past. There are anti-wrinkle creams on the market designed to meet everyone's needs, adapting to the needs of different age groups and skin types.

Choosing a natural product ensures that we do not run into unpleasant side effects, and that we make the most of the solutions that nature provides.

By using this type of lotion and adopting some of the good habits discussed in the previous paragraphs, you can achieve excellent results after only a few weeks.

Frequently asked questions about the best anti-wrinkle creams

What is the most powerful natural anti-wrinkle?

Several substances are found in nature that act as a real natural anti-wrinkle. Many oils (such as Argan oil, but also olive oil), some algae and other substances such as snail slime have this property. The best way to take advantage of their benefits is to choose a natural anti-wrinkle cream that has a formulation based on precisely this type of active ingredient, and capable of enhancing its beneficial properties.

What are the best anti-wrinkle creams over 50?

After age 50, the best solution is to prune for an anti-aging cream that helps make wrinkles less visible. Creams that, in addition to moisturizing and nourishing the skin, also give it a filler-lifting effect, plumping it up from the inside and making the furrows smooth out as much as possible so they appear less deep are great.

What face cream to use at age 45?

At the age of 45, the skin of the face probably already begins to show the first wrinkles. This is why there is a need for a cream that not only works as a prevention, but also as an immediate remedy to the blemish. For 40-year-olds, creams with a regenerating and stimulating effect are recommended, that is, capable of promoting cell turnover and stimulating the production of elastin, collagen and retinol.